Confessions of an Almost-Girlfriend

Confessions of an Almost-Girlfriend - Louise Rozett 4 angst-ridden starsHoly hell! What a ride! It felt like I was taken by aliens and dropped into the set of Mean Girls/My So-Called Life or something. This one was really angsty but sooo good. Pure YA but the story is much more complicated than that and the characters are layered, complex and totally interesting. Confessions of an Almost-Girlfriend is a sequel to Confessions of an Angry Girl. I didn't read the first one. I actually didn't connect the two of them until I after I logged on to Goodreads and saw the first book. But you know what? It was totally okay. You can totally follow the story from book one to this book. Although I would probably the first to admit that it would totally enhance your reading experience if you read book one first.Anyway, this series tells a story about Rose or Rosie as she was known. She's coping with the loss of her dad, going into therapy with her mother and basically just trying to survive high school. She's in love with this boy, Jaime, who might be or not be into her. Jaime used to date this head cheerleader who made Rosie's life miserable because of it during the first book. Now, Jaime is back after avoiding Rosie all summer and he wants to continue what him and Rosie left off or does he?Gah, this book is all about the angst especially with Rosie dealing with her non-relationship with Jaime. But aside from that there are some serious shit going in her life which includes but not limited to homophobic bullying, domestic abuse, drug use, etc. See? Total angst galore. And this thing with Jaime is totally out of whack since he's still "involved" somehow with his ex-girlfriend's family and their drama. Poor Rosie, being strung along the whole thing. The bright spot in this whole cornucopia of angst is Angelo, Jaime's best friend who totally took Rosie's back by giving her an outlet for all that angst through punk music. Angelo is totally cool. This story is probably not for everybody seeing that it's YA and it has full of angst but I find one to be really well written and I connected to Rosie as a character. I'm thinking there's going to be another book in this series none of the issues are resolved yet. So I can't wait to for the next book!