Tangled - Emma Chase 5 Hilarious Stars!!First of all, the cover of this book is HOT! It's tasteful just with a hint of naughtiness. So imagine my surprise at how raunchy and dirty (I meant that in a good way) and crass this book is. And the even bigger surprise? I.LOVED.IT. Yes, I loved the crude humor in this book. It was just right and well written, plus the fact that we're reading it from a male perspective, worked. Like a charm. Being in Drew's head was fantastic.I laughed out loud so many times and cannot help but agree at some of the things that he said. Case in point.If a guy who you just met at a club calls you baby, sweetheart, angel, or any other generic endearment? Don’t make the mistake of thinking he’s so into you, he’s already thinking up pet names. It’s because he can’t or doesn’t care to remember your actual name.Or this...How many wives have told their husbands, “I’m fine,” when they really mean, “I want to cut your balls off with a butcher knife”? How many men have told their girlfriends, “You look fine,” when they really mean, “You need to go back to the gym and work out—a lot.” It’s the universal way of saying we’re just peachy—when we’re really anything but.,And this...Closure is a made-up word that women invented so they can overanalyze something and talk about it—to death. And then, after it’s been blessed and buried, closure gives them the excuse to dig the poor fucker up and talk about it—some more.See what I mean? He's can be real jerk, immature, tasteless, crude but he knows it and makes no apologies for it. And I liked that. But he can be a real sweetheart too, especially with Mackenzie and of course with Kate. LOL! I loved his interactions with his niece. His advice on Cinderella and Prince Charming is spot on! LMAO!Here's my Drew, by the way...And my Kate...Kate is no slouch either. She take take it and she can dish it. Laughed out loud at their office competition. Really hilarious. Haha!Moving along...This book plays out like an episode of How I Met Your Mother, where Drew narrates the events that led to his "downfall" and once in a while he pulls out of the story and talks directly to the readers. Kind of a freeze frame moment, which totally has the HIMYM vibe to it. Again, it worked for me. The secondary characters also contributed a lot to my love for this book. Alexandra aka The Bitch was hilarious and yes, totally believable as a big, bitchy sister. She's totally a noun, an Alexandra. Despite Drew moaning and groaning about Alexandra, I loved their relationship. “I’m serious. I distinctly remember changing your diaper and seeing those cute little guys hanging there. What happened to them? Did they shrink? Disappear? Because that’s the only reason I can think of to explain why you would behave like such a pathetic no-balls coward.”And then there's Mackenzie. I wanted to adopt her. She's going to be rich and I'm just going to ride on her coattails into a lap of luxury. She would totally make a killing as an investment banker. “Uncle Drew?” “Yes?” “Is you gonna die alone?” I smirk. “I don’t plan on dying for a long time, honey.” “Momma says you gonna die alone. She tol’ Daddy that you gonna die and it be days till a cleanin’ lady find your rottin’ corpse.”“I don’t think Uncle Matthew can come, Momma. He been too busy bein’ pussy whipped. Wha’s pussy whipped, Daddy?”And the sex in this book??There is nothing hotter than reading a sex scene from a male POV, that's for sure. Everyone should seriously read this book. It's safe to say that Tangled now has a permanent place on my favorites shelf. Addendum: Oh, due to reading this book, I've now added two new words to my vocabulary: NILF and CPS. ;-))a href="http://everafterromancebookblog.blogspot.com/2013/05/tangled-by-emma-chase.html">Ever After Romance Book Blog