Reckless (Renegades, #1)

Reckless (Renegades, #1) - Skye Jordan Okay. Don't shoot me. I know I initially gave this a solid 4 but now that I was able to think about, my rating is closer to 3.5 rather than a solid 4.Don't get me wrong. I think this book is hot. It reminded me a little of Ella Frank's Exquisite Series. I like the characters especially Jax. I mean, gawd, even his name is hot. Plus, he's a little wild and a little reckless and he's dynamite in bed. In other words, he is every woman's fantasy.I liked Lexi, too. She gorgeous, of course. Tall, blond, great in bed, and hear this, she's a former model and from what I gathered, she has no gag reflex. And here in lies the problem, at least for me since more often than not, I would prefer my heroines closer to earth. Although, I did love her wit and her inner strength, I struggled to relate to her. Yes folks, I'm a jealous biatch, so beware, hmm.I actually adored Lexi's best friend Rubi. I thought she was funny and potentially hiding some pain beneath that sass. I also loved the pacing of the whole story. So what if it's a little predictable? When it's done well, predictability can be good. So I can't really complain much about that.As I have said, this book is hot. But I have to be honest though, there were times especially during the sex scenes. I swear if I read, “But when I’m inside you, you’re going to come so hard you scream,” or any other variation one more time in every goddamn erotica/CR book, I'm gonna lose it. It's become as common as growling and saying, "Mine." *Roll eyes*Other than that, I still very much enjoyed this one. This is a perfect book to read when you need some pick-me-up or if you're in between darker or heavier themed books.And oh, I was looking for an epilogue but found none. The ending was okay. A bit cheesy for my taste but still a good ending.