Own the Wind (Chaos, #1)

Own the Wind  - Kristen Ashley 5 fantastic stars!!There is something to be said about reading a Kristen Ashley book and that is, it is truly an experience. That unique voice that you recognize anywhere is just amazing. Having professional editors certainly didn't detract anything from that voice, in fact, it enhanced it. Now, on to my review...I've been waiting for this book a long time, like most KA fans out there. Ever since Motorcycle Man, I've often wondered what Shy and Tabby's journey to happy every after is going to be like, and boy, what an amazing ride it was. I loved Tabby in Motorcycle Man. She's all grown up now and let me tell you, she is awesome! She's gorgeous and she owns it. I got to be honest, I have little patience with heroines who are actually gorgeous that scores of men are after them but still think they're ugly or plain. Confidence is hot, and Tabby has it but she doesn't always flaunt it. Nor is she conceited. She just knows herself. I loved that. That to me was refreshing. Parker "Shy" Cage...hmm, considering my limited vocabulary, it is safe to say that I've run out of adjectives to describe how wonderful this guy is. And again, I don't think he's the usual KA hero either. Sure, he is a biker, he's alpha, he's a baddass, he's bossy and he can be really blunt. But, he's also sweet, loyal, caring and a real, all around good guy. And the way he was with Tabby...*sigh* it was just sweet. The time jump issue -- I didn't really have a problem with it since I've always felt like I knew them already, thanks to that great epilogue from Motorcycle Man, and I was okay with not having every minute detail written down or something. It helped hurry things along, which I would say didn't subtract anything from the overall story. It had enough drama without it being over the top. It was mostly about Tabby and Shy's relationship and what that meant to the club and their families. There were no car chases, explosions, kidnapping, crazy exes or the Russian mob. Thank God! That probably won't happen until the next book. LoL! There were some actions going on but it wasn't really front and center. It was mentioned but we really didn't get to witness any of it. It was just about Shy and Tabby and how they're dealing with being finally together, which I really liked. Of course, this wouldn't be a KA novel without the cameos of the characters from her other series. This one had plenty of cameos. It was just like seeing old friends. And this book was also used to set up the next story with Hop and Lanie, which I wasn't too crazy about. I felt it was too much but that's just my personal feelings about it anyway. This was really a wonderful read for me. I can't wait for the next books from this series. There are a lot of characters that could potentially star in their own HEA in the next books. Rush is one. I can't wait for his story. Thank you, Kristen Ashley for giving us another wonderful story. This one is a keeper. Hope it will be for others too. For more reviews, visit