Cage (Corps Security, #2) - Harper Sloan 3 starsThere are things that worked for me and things that didn't.First off, I liked this book but it didn't blew me away. I know most people loved this book better than the first one but I'm the exact opposite. I actually liked the first book better despite Izzy's immaturity at that time. Axel and Izzy's story just grabbed me but here, it just didn't sink in. I found myself skimming the middle part of the book. I don't really need my characters to be perfect but it's important that as a reader I am able to relate to them. It just didn't happen here. I did like the steam in this book though. Cage definitely delivered in more ways than one. And Cohen, bless his heart, was adorable. I am even more intrigued about Maddox and Emmy. Yeah, I'm looking forward to their story the most. Not sure about Dee and Beck. I would hate to read another female pushing a perfectly hot and interested guy just because she doesn't "trust" him. There better be a good reason for that otherwise, the whole pushing and pulling thing would just drive me batty.Don't let my lukewarm review deter you in reading this book though. A lot of my GR friends loved this book. This is strictly my own feeling and opinion. ♥