Adam, Enough Said (This Can't Be Happening, #3) - Lynda LeeAnne 3.75 to 4 tumultuous, bitches be crazy stars!! First off, the cover. Ah-mah-zing! The best cover out of the three and I loved the first one, but this cover right here is gorgeous!!Second, loved the note at the beginning of the book. It sets the tone for what the book is all about. You know right there and then that this book is going to take on a roller-coaster of emotions. It will piss you off, confuse you and more importantly, make you fall in love. If it hadn't been for that note, I would have a different response to this story.So, with that said, let's start with the review shall we?Adam, Enough Said is a story about two people who married very young, made tons of mistakes along the way and paying for those mistakes. Some of their mistakes are pretty standard; miscommunication, misunderstanding, jealously. Some could be avoided, some not so much but all in all, it makes for some very interesting read to say the least. What worked for me...- Adam. Enough said. I'm not just talking about the title of the book but the man itself. He's gorgeous, brash, cocky and he says the wrong things 99% of the time but he's adorably sweet. "This is me. I'm an asshole. I'm a jerk. I say the wrong thing at the wrong time. I always have and always will...but, Freckles, you're the only woman that will get me. Do you understand?"After his initial f*ck up, he went out of his way to make Mia his once again. And he calls her Freckles, which is adorable. Boy, the things he says...LoL! If you're easily offended, then Adam isn't for you because this guy is just out there. I have to admit there had been many times I wanted to slap him and wash his mouth with detergent because of the things he said but I fell in love with his character anyway. The dual POV worked for me as well. We get to spend time in both Adam and Mia's head. Of course, I'd rather be in Adam's than Mia but I'm glad I get to see things from both their perspective. - The secondary characters in this order...LaylaLandyn,Layla,Layla.I mean, can we have a book about Layla or better yet, can I adopt her? I love that kid. And his dad. Can I have Landyn, too? Please? - The sex. Whew! This book is hot. This book has the most graphic sex scenes out of the three, probably because Adam has real dirty mind and, angry sex is always hot and Adam and Mia has lots of those.What didn't least for me...- Mia. I know I should feel more sympathy towards her knowing that she has had a hard life but for the love of God, the woman drove me nuts. She's too insecure and she always, always jump to the wrong conclusion. She's feisty, I give her that and I appreciate it but please, Mia, stop and think first before you act, okay? She goes on accusing Adam and didn't even listen to his explanation. Sure, he made a mistake but Mia just took the drama to a whole new level. That would have been okay for me if I sense a growth in her character but I never did. She remained the same. She just didn't do it for me. - Eric. Yeah. I don't even want to waste space in my review for Mia's gay best friend. He's as bad as Mia, if not worse. He's just a waste of time really. Final thoughtsOverall, I really like Adam's story. We get to know more of him and his character did grow a lot during the course of the book. I would say, out of the three, this would be my second favorite. Lexy, Baby is still my favorite but in terms of MCs, Adam is the best for me, even better than Landyn, IMO. So if you're looking for angst and drama, Adam, Enough Said more than delivers both. Favorite line...“You’re such an asshole. After six years, you’re still the same asshole!” “No, after six years, I’m still your asshole. That’s why you’re so pissed. Because you’re just now realizing you could have been with me this whole time.”