Trying to Score  - Toni Aleo Look, I love the idea of a flawed book character. I understand it. No one is perfect, not even book characters. Having a flawed heroine is one thing but Fallon, the heroine for this book, is just downright UNLIKABLE. There I said it. Feelings of hate should be reserved for the antagonists not for protagonists! But this book, and this sorry excuse of a female protagonist just proved me wrong because I hated the heroine. She was really mean, bitter and sooooo immature, it's not even funny. She flipped flopped so many times that I lost count. The only reason I gave this two additional star making it three was because of Lucas and Aiden. Lucas was the epitome of a flawed character. He lost his father, started drinking and popping pills and cheated on his girlfriend. He lost everything after he lost Fallon and after hitting rock bottom, he finally sobered up and was making changes in his life. He was traded to the Assassins and it was there where he and Fallon met once again. Only this time he found out he actually had a son, who for 7 long years was kept from him. I'm not going to go into the inane reasons Fallon has for keeping Aiden but my heart truly broke for him. What I loved about his character was that he actually learned from his mistakes. He did everything he can to win the stupid girl back but the said stupid girl keeps throwing it back in his face. The scenes between Aiden and Lucas were tender and beautiful especially that time when Aiden offered to teach Lucas how to read. Lucas is dyslexic, FYI. My heart just broke for them. Overall, this book could have been great but the heroine just killed any enjoyment I had for this one. I still have that bitter taste in my mouth from when she called Lucas stupid, knowing full well Lucas hated that word because of his dyslexia. If you can stomach an unlikable heroine then you might enjoy this book.