Forget Me Not - Jade Goodmore 3.75 to 4 lovely starsMichaela or Mickey and Jesse were high school sweethearts. They were inseparable. But Jesse's home life was less than ideal compared to idyllic home life. And while Mickey provides reprieve from the troubles at home, it doesn't save him from the hell his life had become.For this reason, Jesse left his life and everything he has ever known including Michaela in Starling and never looked back. Michaela was devastated. She struggled and put her life on hold in hopes and maybe, just maybe Jesse will come back for her. But he never did. That is until their high school reunion 10 years later. In his kiss I find myself, I find us, reconnected and electric again. I find what I lost so many years ago and have searched for ever since.Forget Me Not is a beautiful second-chance at love story that would break your heart, make you cry, laugh, piss you off and makes you cheer for Mickey and Jesse to find their happily every after. This was a little angsty, considering that the the main characters have a lot of history together. I was a little worried because after 12% in Mickey had all but forgiven Jesse for leaving her without an explanation from Jesse as to why he left. I thought it was going to be boring now that they seem to have found each other again. But boy I was wrong.This book took me by surprise with it's secrets and revelation. Not to mention that although Mickey had taken Jesse back, they still had a lot of issues to work through. Distance being one of them. Jesse resides New York. His life and his business is in the big city while Mickey's life is still back in Starling. The one place on earth that Jesse swore he would never go back to.Ms. Goodmore really did a great job with pacing the whole story. I never got bored and there was never a dull moment in this book either. I must admit there were some WTF moment for me as well as moments where I wanted to hit both Mickey and Jesse over the head for not seeing what is right in front of their noses. "Please. You’re far from just anyone, sweets, you’re the one.”There is enough drama in this book that will make you keep on turn the pages. Just enough. Not too much. Although, Mickey did annoy me a little with her OTT reactions. Understandable though since she went through a lot but gah, I wish she didn't cry so much in the book. I liked Jesse. I understood his reasons for leaving and why he was adamant to make something for himself. And what happened to his family will break your heart. He suffered a lot, although some of his suffering may have been self-imposed. But he did some stupid things as well. They both did.Despite the many hiccups in their relationship, Jesse and Mickey did have their happy ending. Rest easy folks. There's no cliffhanger here. You get your HEA. No need to wait, so that's a big plus for me.The epilogue was especially sweet since it was told from Jesse's POV, which was a real treat since the entire book was told from Mickey's perspective. So it was really nice to a POV from Jesse as well.The writing, while not perfect showed great potential. There were some rough spots grammar wise but the story was solid enough that it didn't stop me from enjoying the book. But when it comes to pacing, I thought this book was perfect. A story definitely worth reading.This is definitely recommended for NA readers and for people, like me, who loves the second-chance-at-love trope. ♥♥ *Book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.*