Love Thy Neighbour - Belle Aurora 3 stars This is one of those everyone-loved-it-but-me kind of books. They are the worst kind to review, in my opinion.First off, I didn't read the first installment in this series. I didn't feel the need to. This book pretty much explained that happened in the first book, so I didn't get lost. After reading this one, I doubt if I'll ever read Friend-zoned.See, parts of this book, I really liked. It had some hilarious moments especially with the whole gang being the way that they are. I loved their makeshift family so to speak. Asher aka Ghost was gruff, macho and hot. I liked him. He was the perfect hero who made some pretty shitty decision but not surprisingly, those flaws endeared him to me. I liked Nat too. Although there were times when I found her abrasive and totally confusing, like, "Girl, make up your mind, huh?" But in spite all that, I actually cared for her as a character. One thing I didn't like though was the writing. I just couldn't get into it. I’m about to stand when an arm goes aroundmy waist. I look up and see Ghost frowning down at me. His bowtieis undone and it hangs around his collar.So hot.He orders, “Dance. Now.”Then he tightens his hold around my waistand drags me to the dance floor. We’re the only ones on it. Hetakes my hands, winds them around the back of his neck and stepscloser to me. He holds me tight with one hand on the middle of myback, while the other is half on my lower back, half on my ass. Hehas me wrapped up.I’m unsure what’s going on right now, so Ireact the only way I’m programmed to.In anger.I blink then hiss, “What is wrong withyou?”He blinks. His brow furrows and his eyesflash, then he hisses right back, “With me? What the fuck is wrongwith you?”Ouch.I don’t like Ghost being angry with me. Whatdid I do now?Again, it's not really bad but personally, I just couldn't get into it. And Ghost sounded like a chick in his POV. Plus, these are grown men and women and they still use the word wifey, icky feels, veg, vajayjay? What the feck?I'm pretty sure that with all the five stars this book has been getting, this is really just a matter of personal preference. Most of my friends loved it. I didn't. I'm the odd one out. Again. Peace.