Taken by Him - Red Garnier ARC provided by St. Martin's Paperbacks via NetGalleyAdmittedly, this is one hot little number. If you want some good old hot story, then this is a book for you. Other than that, it offered nothing really special. Same old cliche. Billionaire playboy meets desperate TSTL heroine. Our heroine just wants to have "no-strings-attached" affair. Take note of this folks because like most TSTL heroines in contemporary romance, when she says no-strings-attached sex she actually meant the opposite. They went home, back to their mundane lives in -- you guess it, Chicago. They actually lived in the same city. What are the chances of that? Then she saw an ad with the hero in his underwear and she got mad and thought, Oohh, the bastard lied to me. He said he does odd jobs but he's actually a model!! *Pouts* *internally screaming and already plotting his murder.*And then she found out his real name. Gasp! The name he gave me isn't real? Oh my god! That lying bastard!! *Pouts again, screams internally and started plotting revenge.*And then she found out, he slept with half of the women in Chicago because, duh, he's a playboy and a billionaire to boot and does his own underwear commercial. Of course she gets mad. That rat bastard! Man-whore! I can't believe he got around! I'm hurt. *Cries internally and sulks in the corner.*What's a girl to do? Well, she has to see him of course. She went to his party with her gay boss and saw these women all over him and she gets mad. They fought, they had sex, they fought again. Of course, he realized he wants her so he went all cavemen on her. Our heroine then melted in a puddle of goo at the hero's feet. She forgave him and they live happily ever after. The End. Ahem, this was supposed to be a short review, but I got carried away. Carry on, folks.