Blind Attraction - A.C. Warneke James is a successful business and one of the hottest and most eligible bachelor in town. One day, he saw a beautiful woman through a bookstore window. And before he could go introduce himself, he was called away. That day itself, James was involved in a car accident that left him temporarily blind. With his life irrevocable changed, James can't stop thinking about the woman he saw and he was determined to meet her.So he did. He pretended to be lost, which was easy considering he was blind, and walk into that bookstore where he saw the beautiful woman. There, he meets Victoria, and felt an undeniable chemistry with her. Victoria felt the same way too, the only question is, was she the woman he saw before the accident or someone else? I would love to give you more but that would totally spoil the whole book, considering that this is a short one. So I would leave you to try and find out for yourself. :D