Divide & Conquer - Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban WARNING! This review will definitely contain major spoilers as I do not know how to write non-spoilery review.Let me just say that I didn't think it was possible for me to fall more in love with Ty and Zane or this series until I read this book. No joke. I'm pretty sure, I'm going to say that again in the upcoming books but for now, that's where I stand. Emotions, emotions, emotions. I do love it when a book pulls out a myriad of emotions out of me. This book did it for me. One minute I was happily squeeing, the next minute, I felt like crying and wanting threw my Kindle across the room (yes, I'm talking about you, cliffhanger, you!!) Okay, that was a bit melodramatic but you know what I mean.I was really happy with Ty and Zane's relationship in this book until that...oh, never mind! I felt for Ty more so than with Zane at first. Zane frustrated me a bit since the last book and he had to go through that momentary blindness just so he could realize his feelings for Ty. But I really did feel his vulnerability especially during that awful blindness thing. *shudder* It was ironic but fitting that he had to lose his sight just he could see how much he loved Ty. That sounded really corny but what the heck, I'm just going with the flow here. LoL! The moment Ty told his recon buddies about him and Zane, I was so nervous for him and felt relieved when they took it really well. I was a little pissed at Owen but he was like a non-entity to me so I got over that really quickly. But Nick, hmm, Nick was a different matter entirely. I mean, dude, what the hell! He had the nerve to tell Ty he wished Ty had told him sooner? And what was that, "if you got tired of waiting for him, you know where to find me," crap? And the things he said about Zane when he didn't know him well enough? Not cool. Another thing that wasn't cool? Those bombers. Yeah, I know some people think that was a weak plot device, but considering the things that happened recently, it's entirely plausible for bored teenagers with money and time to those things. I loved the action sequences in this book especially when with Zane getting caught in that blast. Of course, let's not forget what happened to Bronco! Poor Bronco! Poor Ty! Hallmark card moments...hmm...It's safe to say that this book had them in spades. I squeed, and I oohhed, and I ahhed each time when there was winking, holding, spooning involved. I'm not just talking about the sex, although those were freakin' hot, I'm talking about the tender moments when they were being open and vulnerable to each other. And that dance? Gosh, that was my favorite moment I think. I mean, I know the song that they danced to wasn't mentioned but I thought this song, All I Want Is You, was perfect for them. That song had been playing in my head since yesterday and I just had to share it. That moment was a definite highlight for me. But the ending...I know they're going to be together but I still wasn't happy with that ending. I do not appreciate the rug being pulled under me. :( Anyway, still a 5-star read for me despite the cliffhanger, and yes, I'm going to start book 5 ASAP, like tomorrow. Reading list be damned!This review is also posted here Ever After Romance Book Blog