Fish & Chips (Cut & Run, #3) - Madeleine Urban,  Abigail Roux 4 1/2 stars!What can I say? I'm officially in love with Ty and Zane. This series just keeps getting better and better. The things I loved in this book...- Ty and Zane getting some pampering. Haha! - Ty smelling like vanilla and cookie dough! Yum!- Ty and Zane getting cozy during the cruise. - Ty and his colorful swimming trunks. LoL!- Zane getting dunked in the pool by Ty. - Ty doing the tango. Oh yeah, would have loved to watch that one. - Ty finally admitting his feelings to Zane. That was a sweet moment even though Zane couldn't say it yet. Grr, Zane, man up already!- And last but not least, Zane not putting on his wedding ring back. Still sad for him but it was about time. Overall, I really liked this one and I couldn't wait to start Divide and Conquer after this.