Love Irresistibly (FBI / US Attorney, #4) - Julie James I have always loved Julie James' FBI/US Attorney series and the fourth installment, Love Irresistibly did not disappoint. I like how Ms. James writes her heroines. They are not Mary Sues (thank God!). They are smart, funny and driven woman with just enough vulnerability to make them relatable. Not all of us are as beautiful or as successful as Brooke Parker but her struggle to balance her work and personal life is something that most women relate to. I really think Ms. James struck a chord with me on that one. Cade Morgan, the hero for this installment was a revelation to me. He was introduced in the previous books but I never really warmed up to him until now. I loved his back story and his interaction with his half-brother Zach. Of course, there were moments in the book where I wanted to smack Cade and Brooke for being so deaf and blind about their feelings for each other but I reckon that's what made this book work interesting. And I got to admit that their "non-relationship" was really hot. Steamy hot. There are also plenty of interesting secondary characters in this book, namely Vaughn, Ford and Huxley, which I'm hoping to see more of in the future preferably as main characters. You got that, Ms. James? I want a Vaughn, a Ford and a Huxley book in the near future -- very near future, say in the next six months. Say yes, Ms. James, please? Anyway, whatever Ms. James decides to write in the future, I'm pretty sure it's going to be good. This review is also posted at