Never Too Far - Abbi Glines Loved the first book but I wasn't too keen on this one. This is almost like a filler book of some sort. The story about Nan and Blaire, Blaire and her father felt flimsy and forced. I felt that Nan had to be a bitch in order for the story to continue, which was sad because I think her character is an interesting one. Not even the Blaire's pregnancy could save this book. The ending left me high and dry. I guess there would be another book for Blaire and Rush. God, I hope not. I'm ready to move on to other characters getting their own stories. Grant and Nan?? I would love to read that. Will Bethy, whom I loved in this book, not end up with Jace after all? And Cain -- I would love to read more about Cain. And of course, Woods. He's definitely getting his own HEA.