Back-Up - A.M. Madden One of the most difficult book to rate. I feel that the potential is definitely there, the whole idea is there but the execution seems to be lacking, at least for me. Back-Up tells a story of a 25-year old aspiring rock and roll singer, Leila Marino, who suddenly found herself singing back-up for an up-coming band Devil's Lair. Jack Lair (love that name) is the Devil's Lair frontman. He's the unapologetic manwhore in the group, the charmer and the all-around Mr. Sex-on-legs. Sparks started flying the moment Jack and Leila met, and inevitably, fell in love. My ThoughtsAs I've said, this story definitely has potential. If I were to rate a book on potential alone, I'd say this is a 4.5 to a 5 star read for me. And there were moments where it took me there; witty dialogue, great chemistry between the characters, et cetera. I wish it stayed like that throughout the book. Sad to say, it didn't, hence the 3 stars. I did like the story, overall. It has been done before but I'm always a sucker for rock star romances, so I didn't mind. There were some great moments there especially with Jack Lair's band mates.I thought their interaction were golden throughout the book. Even Jennifer, the beautiful and ruthless agent was a great character to have in the book.I did also like Leila. Although, I must say, she acts more like a 16 year old rather than a 25 year old woman. She was naive and cute. I know this because this was repeated throughout the whole book. Her innocence, naivete and cuteness were always brought to your attention, and after a few chapters of that, I was just over it. Jack Lair fit the rock star mold perfectly. But I never really felt like he was a bad boy. He was a charmer, definitely, and actually a nice guy. Too nice, in fact. My only problem with Jack was that he sometimes sounded awfully like a girl especially when he starts describing what somebody, preferably Leila, was wearing. He's definitely observant but I just find it weird when a guy starts describing women's clothing in detail unless he was in the process of taking it off. Other than that, Jack was wonderfully sweet. Loved, loved the moments with the whole band. There weren't too many of those moments but I thought the band was hilarious.I also loved the side story of Evan and Leila's father. I thought that added a little bit of layer to Leila's character.Overall, I think this book could have been better with the right editor. Some misused words, grammatical and spelling errors were just too distracting for me, which was a shame because I really think that there is a story there. Could have been a lot better with editing but otherwise this was an okay book considering this was a debut. And by the way, Jack and Leila's story will definitely continue in the second book. This didn't end in a cliffhanger per se, considering they are still together but they are about to face their toughest test yet. And I really want to know what happens next, so yes, I'll definitely read the book in this series.