Unlocked (The Turner Series, Book 1.5)

Unlocked (Turner, #1.6) - Courtney Milan 4 solid stars!!This is my first Courtney Milan read, and I must say, she did not disappoint. Unlocked reminded me of Bully, albeit the HR version. I enjoyed Bully, so it was no surprise I enjoyed this one as well.Elaine Stockhurst had been the object of the ton's ridicule ever since she came out to society years ago. She was different, you see and attracts an unhealthy attention due to her laugh and her, ahem, generous bosoms. Elaine has long accepted her place in society by making herself as invisible as possible. But when her number one tormentor, Evan Westfield came back to town and started being nice to her, she immediately became suspicious. After all, he tormented her for years and basically made her a pariah.But Evan was a changed man. His travels around the world mellowed him and he regretted making Elaine's life hell and wanted to make up for it. You see, Evan, for a long time, has harbored deep feelings for Elaine but his plan to make her noticed him backfired and he ended up bullying her instead. So years after those humiliating first season, Evan was ready to make amends, but will Elaine ever trust him again? I highly recommend this little novella for those who have a hankering for a well-written historical romance book. It's sweet, short, with lovable main characters and interesting secondary characters. ♥