4 Crazy Stars!!

Maybe Baby Lite  - Andrea  Smith


Maybe Baby Lite is the first installment from Andrea Smith's Baby Series. If the title sounds familiar to you, it's maybe because this has been released before. But just as the title suggest, this is the Lite version.

How did this happen, you ask? Well, one of the main criticism of the original Maybe Baby is its length, clocking in at 700 plus pages. So this one is the condensed version. I've read both books and I have to say, you don't have to worry about it being watered down or the plot being chopped it. The whole story is intact. Trey is still hot and Tylar is still adorably crazy.

That said, I definitely enjoyed this one better than the first. It's more polished and yes, to the point. Honestly, if not for my Kindle telling me I have 470 pages, I wouldn't have noticed. And that's a good thing.



Tylar Preston is a college student who went to work for the Sinclair family stables. There she meets Trey Sinclair, the handsome, enigmatic and arrogant son of the owners. Their chemistry was instantaneous but their road to happily ever after is a rocky one.

My Thoughts...

I really enjoyed reading Maybe Baby. It was fun, a little crazy, yes but I enjoyed myself. I laughed, cried, got angry, and sympathized with the characters. Though Tylar might come off as annoying but I've always felt like her reactions come from an honest place. I love that she says what's on her mind, no matter how crazy. If she's mad, she's mad. If she's happy then you'd know it. Even when she kept things from Trey, I found myself actually understanding her motives.

Trey was a little hard to figure out at first. Poor guy! He doesn't quite know how to deal with Tylar. His usual methods didn't work and the bossier he becomes, the more he pushes Tylar away. I for one, enjoyed seeing Trey squirmed.

Speaking of craziness, I have to stay, Tylar's mom is still a psycho bitch. Gawd, no wonder Tylar had so many hang-ups. I can't wait to see her in future books. Oohh, the trouble she brings. I'm rooting for Tylar to finally put her mother in place.



Overall, Maybe Baby is a fun, enjoyable read filled with drama, intrigue and of course, hot sex. I'm definitely looking forward to reading the other books from this series.