Private Practice

Private Practice - Samanthe Beck 5 Awesome stars!I devoured this book, and boy it was really good. Ellie "Sparky" Swan moved back to her hometown to open her practice and to take her of her diabetic father whom she has a tenuous relationship with. Sparky wanted the hometown golden boy, Roger who just broke up with his fiancee after 10 years of being engaged. Sparky found out the reason for the break-up after she "overheard" a conversation between Roger's ex and her friend. It seems like Roger has acquired a taste for unconventional sex and is wanting a nymphomaniac for a girlfriend. Sparky being the prim and proper town doctor decided that to win Roger over she needs to walk in dark side and unleash her inner sex goddess. What's a good doctor to do? Buy a fully illustrated copy of The Wild Woman’s Guide to Sex: Tactics Guaranteed to Bring a Man to His Knees, of course and convince Tyler Longfoot for some private lessons in seduction. Enter Tyler "Footlong" Longfoot -- sexy, unpredictable, a little bit of a bad boy, but decent to the core business owner. The two of them struck a deal. Ellie will get her lessons if she keeps quiet about a little "incident" that landed Tyler in the doc's doorstep. This is where the story gets interesting and downright hilarious. Yes, the plot has been done countless of times already but what sets this book apart was the humor. This is one heck of funny book. I found myself laughing out loud many times. The chemistry between Sparky and Tyler is off the charts hot. Both their interactions with each other and inner monologues are really, really funny and they are both likable, which is a plus. I love Sparky. She's got spunk. She knows what she wants, albeit a misguided one, and goes after it. And of course, Tyler. You can't help but swoon for Tyler. His loyalty, his strength and his humor is just wonderful. I love them both together. Aside from the two main characters, this book is filled with great secondary characters -- all of them really, really likable. I'm hoping for Melody and Chief Bradley's story next. Did you hear that Samanthe Beck? Would highly recommend this book. Such a treat. Review also posted here Ever After Romance