That Boy

That Boy - Jillian Dodd This book will remind you of your firsts -- first crush, first love, first kiss...and of course, that boy. Wow! This book was such a delicious treat. Right from the very first page, I was hooked with the story of Jayden, Phillip and Danny. Their friendship, their families, their love for each other. It was simply heartwarming. That Boy is well written, full of engaging characters that the readers can relate to. It was funny and a little a heartbreaking at the same time. Jayden was simply adorable and I loved the fact that you can actually hear the changes of the nuances of her character from when she was little until high school and then eventually college and beyond. Loved her voice. It was honest and real. And those boys...Danny and Phillip...ugh! Seriously, do I really have to choose? Can't I just have them both? I usually hate love triangle tropes because you always end up hating one main character but I never had that feeling with this book. I was just along for the ride, just as Jayden was as she discovered The BOY who finally won her heart. Such a treat.