Facade (Games, #2)

Facade (Games, #2) - Nyrae Dawn Hmm, I'm kinda torn as to how to rate this book, so I'll settle for 3 to 3.5 stars. This book wasn't bad but after falling in love with Charade, Facade was somewhat a disappointed for me. I say somewhat because there are parts of this book that I really loved. Sadly, there were also parts that I didn't love that much. To be honest, I almost gave up halfway through the book because it just got too depressing and I got really bored waiting for something to happen. I'm glad I hang on though because I would have missed the last 25-30% of the book, which was really great. I thought Adrian was a wonderful character in Charade. I was intrigued with him and I wanted to know him more. But we didn't really get to know him in this book either. Yeah, there was that big twist near the end that left me stunned but other than that, I really didn't more out of his character. Delaney was okay. I didn't love her but I like her enough. I definitely understood her need to please everyone even if it ended up destroying her but I thought she was a strong character. The best part about her character was her relationship with his brother, Maddox and her mother. Although, I never understood why her mother hated her. I know that her mother hated her because Laney's father was paying more attention to Laney than her mother but I just felt like there was more to it that. But there wasn't. Still, I would definitely recommend this book to NA readers. Nyrae Dawn is great author and she always writes interesting characters. *ARC provided by Forever (GCP) via NetGalley.