Twisted Perfection (Perfection, #1)

Twisted Perfection (Perfection, #1) - Abbi Glines 4 stars with some caveats. I must say that Abbi Glines sure knows how to write steamy NA, and this one did not disappointed. The steam factor in this book is off-the-charts hot. Hmm, mavbe we should have another sub-genre and let's call it NArotica...or not, but let me just say that this is probably the steamiest one yet from Ms. Glines. Now onto our review, shall we...Twisted Perfection is all about Woods. This is his book. Period. He practically carried the whole book for me. He's hot, rich, sweet and such a dirty talker, which was a pleasant surprise actually. I think he surpassed Rush in the dirty talker department. Whew! Woods made this book a worthwhile read.Della isn't so bad. I actually loved her back story. She endured such pain and tragedy in her young life but she's still trying to make something of herself. That said, I just couldn't relate to her. Yes, I very much sympathize with her but it didn't make her relatable to me. I feel that there is a lesson here actually. A character doesn't need to have a tortured past, a dark secret for readers to like her or relate to her. She can a normal and mundane life but still comes off as likable and relatable. I put some caveats in my review because there are things in this book that really bothered me. It didn't break the book for me, obviously, considering I gave it a four-star rating but I felt that I should say something about it. The issue of mental illness. First off, I think Abbi Glines did a good job in explaining what might have happened with Della's mom. She had a severe case of agoraphobia and she tragically lost her husband and son, leaving her alone to raise her daughter. I agree. Such trauma could cause a break in reality especially for someone with a history of mental illness. That was fine for me. But then Della, who experienced a traumatic event herself, she found her mother's body and her mother basically isolated her from the world., was told by her best friend to take a road trip to "find herself". She was, by the way, still undergoing therapy and she has nightmares and panic attacks. She herself admitted that it took two years of therapy before she could walk up and talk to other people and then suddenly, her best friend tells her to take a road trip to FIND HERSELF? OMG! I was flabbergasted. I know, I know. It's part of the whole story but I just felt it sends the wrong message, you know. The girl clearly needs professional help and clearly, as the story unfolds, you'll realize just how much help she really needs! God lord! I won't say anymore but I just felt that once again, the whole thing was trivialized. When you experience a trauma like that, you don't go on the road to "find yourself," you seek professional help! Book 2 better have Della sitting down on that couch and talk about what happened to her to someone who can actually help her or else I'm going to have another rant. Really, I apologize for the rant but I just had to get it off my chest. Second, the insta-lust, love or whatever. Della's inner monologue said it best.      The idea of losing his freedom hadn’t been enough reason for him to refuse to do his father’s bidding? It had taken me to make him stand up to his father? Why me? I didn’t understand.I agree. I didn't understand it myself. They hooked up, they had sizzling chemistry and suddenly Woods was ready to go renegade on his father. It was sweet and totally swoon-worthy but I didn't feel there was any deep connection between them at all. So why the four stars? Well, I have to say this was an engrossing read for me. I wasn't even that upset about the ending. I know what to expect from the author and I totally got it.