Very Bad Things (Briarcrest Academy, #1)

Very Bad Things (Briarcrest Academy, #1) - Ilsa Madden-Mills 2.5 starsThis was me before I started the book.After a couple of chapters, I was feeling like this...And then...Yeah. This book had a lot of promise but sadly, it didn't deliver. The plot had a lot of promise. A troubled young girl meets a hot, albeit older guy (he's 25 and she's 18 and still in high school), they have that connection and undeniable attraction. It's kismet, right? Don't get me wrong, there are things that I really liked. But somehow the things I didn't like just overwhelmed the things that I did like. Well, that becomes a given when one of the reasons why you didn't like the book was because of the main characters themselves. Let's start with Leo.There is no easy way to say it. Leo was a big p*ssy throughout the whole book. Dude, I get it. You lost your parents, you had to grow up fast and take care of your brother and all that but seriously? All that self-loathing and guilt was just too much. He was the weakest hero I have ever seen. His whole "I-don't-want-to-love-because-I-don't-want-to-get-hurt" thing got old really fast. It took the whole book before he finally got his ass out of his head and by the time it happened, I just didn't care anymore. At least Nora got her shit together halfway through. Although, again, the self-loathing and the guilt was too heavy for me. I do understand why because of all the horrible things she went through. But I have to admit, at the very beginning, I failed to understand the logic behind her actions and decisions. She doesn't know who she is anymore, so she decided to become a "bad girl." Huh? But as I've said, she did grow on me and I ended up respecting her character. She was stronger than Leo, in my opinion. Not that I like her chasing after him after being rejected multiple times but at least she was honest about her feelings. I got to give her that. I just felt that there were so many things that took too long to be resolved and when they did get resolved, it felt rushed. Case in point, Nora's abuse at hand of her brother. It was hinted throughout the book but when it was revealed, it was anticlimactic. Even the confrontation between Finn and Nora felt rushed. And then suddenly her brother died in a car accident. Pretty convenient, in my opinion. Even Nora's relationship with her mother was swept under the rug. After their confrontation, we get nothing. Loved the cover though and the secondary characters were pretty awesome. But overall, it didn't work for me. But hey, even though this was a disappointment for me, who knows, you might like it better than I did. So definitely give this book a chance.