True Love Story

True Love Story - Willow Aster I think I need a day or two to process everything before I can write a review or even rate this. ------------------------------------------------------------------I'm having a hard time reviewing this book to be honest, so I won't go into the details and all the characters. Instead I'm just going to focus on the two main characters since this is, after all, their love story. While there are some elements about it that I really, really loved, there are also parts of it which I'm not too crazy about. One of them is the main female character, Sparrow. There's very little about her that's relatable, and not because of her upbringing (she's a pastor's kid) but because her character comes across as contrived and shallow. She's apparently tall with a body and face of a Victoria Secret model. I'm down with that but then she describes herself as dorky and a nerd too many times throughout the book, which I find off-putting. But I did warm up to her towards the end though after she stops telling me how dorky and geeky she is. Yet in spite of that I still love this book because of Ian Sterling and his journey towards redemption. Seriously, this book should be titled the Redemption of Ian Sterling. It was simply beautiful. I loved the love letters. Ian Sterling's letters is just hands down the best part of the book for me. When I read that there's going to be cheating (yes, there is cheating in this book) in this book, I was a little apprehensive but I think Ms. Aster really did a great job with redeeming the hero on this one. Not an easy feat but Ms. Aster did it effortlessly. Bravo!