Edible (Exquisite, #3)

Edible (Exquisite, #3) - Ella Frank ♥♥♥5 Edible Stars!!!♥♥♥Edible (adj): Fit to be eaten.I have loved this series ever since I've read about Mason and Lena's story, then Josh and Shelly. Personally, I couldn't wait for Rachel's story. So when it was revealed in Entice who Rachel's partner was going to be, I couldn't help but be intrigued. I mean, what's more intriguing than a stuffy lawyer with penchant for three-piece suits and blue-haired, wild child pastry chef? So my expectations for this book was sky high.Well, it's safe to say that Ella Frank delivered. This book has exceeded my expectations in every way. We all now that the first two books were hot but this one took hot into an entirely different level. It's on a whole other dimension. No joke. The chemistry between Cole and Rachel were off the charts, scorching hot. You can feel every single touch, lick and kiss between Cole and Rachel as if you were there with them. I feel like voyeur, a dirty, horny voyeur who wants to join in on the action. LoL! Trust me, Cole was pretty irresistible and so hot. The things he did to/with Rachel, I wanted it done to me, okay? Caramel anyone? Yes, please and while you're at it, please bring a bottle of red wine. Ella Frank, what a wicked imagination you have. I loved it!!But there is more to this book than just the sex and the chemistry. There is a great story here, the obvious being Cole and Rachel's journey to happily ever after. But more than that it is also a story about family and loss. This was one aspect of the book that I really loved aside from the chemistry of course. I loved seeing Mason again. This time as a concerned older brother who was quite out of his element in dealing with Rachel's new relationship with Cole. We also get to see Rachel's relationship with her dad. As a reader, I truly understood Rachel's loss after reading those beautiful passages. Although, I felt awful for what happened, Rachel's past relationship with Ben added another layer to Rachel's character that made her more endearing and relatable to me. Cole Madison is an enigma. He's an intriguing mass of contradiction wrapped in a very sexy, edible package. He's a contradiction because beneath the three-piece suits lies an almost different man entirely with his tattoos and piercing. But more than that, he is a contradiction because in spite of the ruthless, takes no prisoner image he projected, he is also a son, a friend and a lover.I loved Cole's relationship with his mom. It was heartbreaking and it explained a lot about Cole. I was pleasantly surprised about his half-brother Logan. and I can't wait to explore the dynamic of that relationship in Logan's book.So is this book highly recommended? You betcha! Read it and enjoy Cole and Rachel.