The Good Life

The Good Life - Jodie Beau 4.5 stars!Once in a while, you find a little under-the-radar book or in this case, recommended by a GR friend, and read it and ended up loving it. This is one of those books. Roxie Golightly had a bomb dropped into her lap when her husband of seven years asked her for a divorce. The fallout of her marriage led Roxie to reevaluate her life. With a help of a friend, she set out to complete the Good Life List.This book is funny and I mean FUNNY. Roxie is a wonderful heroine. She's not perfect, far from it. She tend to whine a little and yes, she can be flaky, as she herself admitted. But I still love her, maybe because I can relate to her. In the end, she grew as a character and I love her for it. This book also has Jake. Gorgeous, dreamy Jake. He's Roxie's safety guy. He's sweet, funny, and very loyal. Well, turns out, this safety guy isn't so safe after all, at least when it comes to Roxie's heart. I love them together. I will definitely recommend this book to any contemporary romance reader out there.