Take This Regret (Take This Regret, #1)

Take This Regret (Take This Regret, #1) - A.L. Jackson 4.5 tear-inducing stars!!Have you ever done something that you regretted that you wish you could do over? This book is about that. It's about doing something totally hurtful to another person, regretting it and getting a second chance to atone for it. I loved this story. It's full of flawed but believable characters that really, really got to me. This is the story of Christian and Elizabeth. Two very flawed characters that at one point or another disappointed me with their actions. There were parts that were difficult to read especially the first part when Elizabeth learned she was pregnant and Christian made her choose between him or the baby. And then knowing that she had a very difficult pregnancy and then couldn't graduate because of it. Boy, my heart broke for her. I wanted Adam to suffer for what he did. At first I thought he got off easy but then I realized that he suffered too. He lived every single day of his life in regret for what he did. It was sort of ironic because ins spite of being the person his father wants him to be, he never got his approval. He did everything for his father but got nothing in return. On the other hand, I loved how Elizabeth tried to build a life for her daughter. But as a reader, you can still sense the lingering bitterness there. It's something that she hasn't let go and it became more evident when Christian showed up and wanted to be a part of their lives. Her own bitterness drove her to make that stupid decision that affected her daughter. I was so disappointed in her. She made her daughter go through the same pain she went through when Christian left her and all because she couldn't trust him again. While I understood her feelings, it was idiotic of her to put her child through that emotional pain. That part was very difficult to read. It took her one week to get over "feelings" and for that one week, her child suffered because she won't let her see Christian again. She was so afraid that Christian will leave them again like he did the first time, so she pushed him away. Great job! In spite of that huge hiccup with Elizabeth, I still enjoyed this book. It totally engaged both my mind and my emotions. Both characters did redeem themselves at the end. You can really feel Christian's remorse over his decision and his attempt for reconciliation. As for Elizabeth, I did like her at the beginning and then hated her towards the end but ended up embracing her as a character.Overall, an enjoyable read from A.L. Jackson. There is no cliffhanger here but Christian and Elizabeth's story continues in the next book, which I'm definitely looking forward to reading. :D