Merger to Marriage (Boardrooms & Billionaires, #2)

Merger to Marriage (Boardrooms & Billionaires, #2) - Addison Fox 4 heart-warming stars!!Yup, my CR streak continues with Merger to Marriage by Addison Fox. This one was a pleasant surprise. The premise had been done before but it was done really well by Ms. Fox. The dialogues are witty, fun and believable. Mayson met Holt at her sister's wedding. There was instant attraction which led to a one-night stand, which led to one unexpected consequence. Both Holt and Mayson must deal with their prejudice and trust issues to achieve their happily ever after. As I mentioned before, this story has been done many times in the past but there's something about Ms. Fox's writing that made this really enjoyable for me. For one, I really connected with Mayson and Holt. Mayson is tough, smart and loyal. She was able to hold her own with Holt. Holt had a shitty childhood, thanks to his con artist of a mother. He was able to make something of himself, and while he was very attracted to Mayson, he never intended for anything more to come out of their night together. But when it did, he came through for Mayson but not with some hiccups along the way, which is to be expected since he is a guy after all. But yeah, I was rooting for him from the get-go.I also liked the fact the MCs took time to process their feelings for each other. Yes, there was an instant attraction between them but they didn't fall in love immediately. It took time, which was realistic and believable to me. Will definitely recommend this to people who are looking for a light, heart-warming read. :DARC provided by Entangled Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.