Texas! Chase - Sandra Brown One of Sandra Brown's best book way back when she still writes pure romance. This book has all elements of being a true romance book; unrequited love, family drama, and the hero falling for the heroine in spite of himself. I loved it!!I've read this book way back in college and I remembered being so moved by it. I picked it up again yesterday and re-read it and it brought back the same emotions.Chase Tyler never got over the loss of his wife. After years after her demise, he felt as lost as ever. A chance encounter during a rodeo show brought Marcie Johns and Chase together. They shared a past, a very important one. Marcie happens to the other person inside the car which took Chase's wife, and the one woman who has loved him since kindergarten. It took a failing family business to finally bring Marcie and Chase together in a marriage of convenience. Chase was still painfully in love with his wife and has no plans on replacing her in his heart. Marcie on the other hand was already there. In spite of still being hung up on his dead wife, Chase can't help but fall for Marcie. She was beautiful, successful, sexy and oh so, available. It wasn't long before Chase finally surrendered and just let his feelings for Marcie grow. But just when you thought they'll finally have their HEA, a stunning revelation came between Marcie and Chase. I really can't say anything more without giving away the whole story. But let me assure you that this book will make you feel all kinds of emotions; happiness, sadness, anger, et cetera. A true classic that needs to be revisited now and then. Loved it!!