On Every Street  - Karina Halle 4 You-destroyed-me-Javier stars!!I don't think I can add anything anymore to the hundreds of reviews about this book that's already on GR. All I can say is now, I finally know what the fuss about Javier is all about. Sometimes I think he's the devil incarnate but other times, I felt like he was an angle in disguise. He's definitely one of the most intriguing and complex character I've ever met. I loved him, I hated him, loved him, hated him -- and this pretty much went on all throughout the fucking book. As for what he did. I have a theory on that. I felt that the child that Ellie was supposed to have represented some sort of a sign to Javier. A sign of his redemption. I know he felt he was beyond that but when Ellie got pregnant, I truly felt he latched on that idea. He finally has hope of getting out of his criminal life. But when Ellie lost the baby, he may have felt he lost that chance of redemption, too. Still, that doesn't excuse him for what he did. I still think he should be hanged or something. I do hope there's a redemption in store for his character. I'd be disappointed if he'll come another one of those villains in books; petty, cruel and one-dimensional. Fortunately, considering Ms. Halle's talent for writing complex and intriguing characters, I see more revelations about Javier coming our way. ;)